Have two-thirds of a pound best raw Java coffee mixed with one-third pound best quality Mocha. Butter a baking dish well with good butter all around interior, place coffee in plate and set in a moderate oven to roast until a good golden brown colour. (It will take about twenty-two minutes.) Be very careful frequently to mix in every direction with a wooden spoon meanwhile, place in an earthen jar and tightly cover, keep in a moderate temperature and use as required.

3307. How To Roast Coffee In Coffee Roaster

Procure a small family coffee roaster, open small section that acts as a cover and drop coffee (two-thirds of a pound raw Java and one-third of a pound raw Mocha) into the roaster. If convenient have a good charcoal fire in range, remove one of the lids then set roaster over fire. See that the cover is firmly closed, and turn the small handle rather slowly but constantly for fifteen minutes. Remove roaster from its stand, thoroughly shake coffee in roaster in all directions for two seconds, reset on its stand and continue to roast, constantly turning until a good light brown colour, which should take from twenty-five to twenty-eight minutes. Remove cover to see when proper colour is attained, and when doing so do not let roaster stand over fire but shift to corner of range. Place in an earthen jar, tightly cover, keep in a moderate temperature and use as required.

By roasting your own coffee as above described, you may be sure to always have it fresh and retaining its full aroma.

3308. How To Make After-Dinner Coffee

Take six light tablespoons roasted coffee beans from jar and grind in mill, neither too fine nor too coarse. Have a thoroughly clean, small French coffee pot and thoroughly scald with boiling water just a minute before time of making the coffee, arrange a piece of dry, clean, old linen cloth around the section of pot and filter to insure perfect clarification. Place the ground coffee on filter and pour over a pint and a half thoroughly (fresh) boiling water little by little. When water is poured over place cover on, being very careful that on no account does it boil. Keep on corner of range or, better still, in a pan of boiling water up to height of three inches on coffee pot until coffee is filtered, then serve in six after-dinner cups. Coffee should never be made more than three or four minutes before time to serve.

3309. Another Mode Of Making Excellent After-Dinner Coffee

Have a rather small ordinary earthen (clay) pot or enamelled pan. Grind in coffee mill six light tablespoons roasted coffee and place in pan, measure out one and a half pints cold fresh water, carefully sprinkle a gill (only) of it all over coffee, immediately put cover on, let infuse in a cool place for twenty minutes, then pour in balance of cold water (five gills). Mix well with a clean wooden stick, cover, then set pan on the side of the fire and let very slowly come just to a boiling point. On no account allow it to boil, being careful to mix with wooden stick two or three times only while heating up and to immediately replace cover each time. Remove from range, let settle for two minutes, arrange a piece of clean, dry old linen or muslin cloth over a hot serving coffee pot, pour coffee over, and when all strained immediately serve in six after-dinner cups.

3310. Coffee With Milk, Swiss Style

Grind six light tablespoons roasted coffee beans from the jar (No 3306) and place in an earthen pot. Sprinkle all over a good gill cold water, immediately cover pot and set on one side to infuse for twenty minutes. Pour over three and a half pints fresh, cold milk, mix well with wooden stick, cover pan, set pot on the side of the fire and let very slowly come to just a boiling point, mixing with wooden stick quite frequently meanwhile. Shift pot to corner of range and let settle for three minutes, strain through a clean, dry old linen cloth into a hot pitcher and serve in six "cafe" au lait" cups.