Stewed Rhubarb (73)

Cornmeal Mush

Scrambled Eggs with Parsley

Broiled Bluefish, Maitre d'Hdtel

Stewed Smoked Beef, in Cream

Baked Potatoes (683)

Buckwheat Cakes

326. Cornmeal Mush

Half pint cold milk, half pint cold water, two saltspoons salt, one and a half gills cornmeal, one ounce powdered sugar and the peel of one sound lemon. Place all the above in an enamelled saucepan. Briskly stir with a wooden spoon all around till the flour is thoroughly thickened. Let slowly boil for twenty-five minutes and carefully stir at the bottom frequently to prevent burning. Remove the lemon peel and serve with cold cream or milk and sugar, separately.

327. Scrambled Eggs With Parsley

Prepare the eggs the same way as per No. 193, but while beating up the eggs add one tablespoon finely chopped parsley.

328. Broiled Bluefish, Maitre D'Hotel

Have a three-pound piece of fresh bluefish; bone it nicely, trim, clean and neatly wipe dry. Season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper. Lightly oil the surface with a tablespoon oil. Arrange on a broiler and broil for six minutes on each side. Dress on a hot dish. Spread a maitre d'hotel butter (No. 7) over and serve with quartered lemons around the dish.

329. Stewed Smoked Beef In Cream

Finely mince one pound and a quarter smoked beef; drop it in boiling water and cook for two minutes. Remove from the water and thoroughly drain.

Have in a small saucepan two tablespoons melted butter, one and a half tablespoons flour. Stir briskly with a whisk for one minute, then heat up well; add one gill hot milk and one gill cream, mix well until boiling. Drop in the beef; season with half teaspoon salt, a saltspoon cayenne pepper, half a saltspoon grated nutmeg; thoroughly mix and allow to boil for ten minutes. Pour into a hot, deep dish and serve.

330. Buckwheat Cakes

Place in a bowl two ounces buckwheat flour, one ounce cornmeal flour, one ounce wheat flour, one saltspoon salt, one whole egg, two gills cold milk, half gill lukewarm water, one teaspoon butter, one teaspoon sugar, half teaspoon baking powder and a tablespoon molasses. Sharply mix the whole together with a whisk for five minutes.

Lightly grease a large frying pan; then with the aid of a small ladle drop in sufficient batter to make at one time four separate cakes, two and a half inches in diameter, and cook for one and a half minutes on each side, or until they have attained a good golden colour. Lift up with a cake turner, place on a hot dish, keep warm; then proceed to cook eight more in the same way, and send to the table with maple syrup.