Stewed Prunes (1) Sago with Cream (1585)

Scrambled Eggs, Montevideo Fried Whitebait (1123) Beef Hash (923)*

Wheaten Cakes (9)

2809. Scrambled Eggs, Montevideo

Cut three Spanish sweet peppers in small square pieces, place in a sautoir with a half ounce butter and cook for three minutes, then pour in two gills tomato sauce (No. 16). Dilute a half saltspoon saffron in a teaspoon water and strain it into the pan, lightly mix, then let reduce to a third of the quantity.

Crack eight fresh eggs in a bowl, add a half gill cream, half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper. Briskly beat up with a fork for one minute, add to tomato and cook for six minutes, continually mixing with wooden spoon meanwhile. Prepare three pieces toast, trim off crusts, spread a teaspoon anchovy butter over each, cut each toast in two, place on a hot dish, dress eggs evenly over the six half toasts and serve.


Oyster Stew (1319)

Baked Live Lobster (952)

Entrecdte Pojarsky (914)

Omelette Soufflee, with Apples

* Use the beef left over from yesterday.

2810. Omelette Soufflee With Apples

Place three tablespoons powdered sugar in a bowl with six egg yolks, three tablespoons flour, a half saltspoon salt, half teaspoon vanilla essence, and sharply beat up with a wooden spoon for five minutes. Whisk up a gill cream to a stiff froth, add to yolks and gently mix with a wooden spoon. Now beat the whites of six eggs to a froth, add to mixture and lightly mix with skimmer.

Cut three sound apples into quarters, peel, remove cores, finely slice and place them in a frying pan with a half ounce butter. Sprinkle a little sugar over and cook on brisk fire for five minutes, tossing them meanwhile. Add two tablespoons currant jelly, carefully mix without mashing the apples, and keep hot. Heat two tablespoons clarified butter in a large frying pan, drop in preparation, cook for two minutes, then set pan in oven for six minutes or till firm. Remove, glide omelette on a piece of white paper, turn it again into pan and cook for one minute more. Glide it again on the paper, arrange apples in centre, roll it up in omelette shape, dress on a hot dish, sprinkle a little powdered sugar over and serve.