Oysters (18)

Radishes (58) Sliced Tomatoes (765)

Bisque of Crabs, Kioto

Black Bass, Grand Duke (303)

Potatoes, Italienne Broiled Squab, Turkey (819)

Jerusalem Artichokes, Cream Sauce

Omelette Mousseline au Beure Noir

Roast Lamb, Mint Sauce (392)

Romaine Salad (214)

Chestnut Pudding (343)

1073. Bisque Of Crabs, Kioto

Procure six hard, live crabs, clean well, place in a mortar and pound to a paste. Thoroughly heat one ounce butter in a saucepan, add the paste and cook on a brisk fire for ten minutes, frequently stirring meanwhile; then add two tablespoons brandy, set fire to the brandy, stir with a wooden spoon until the flame goes out, then add one finely minced carrot, one finely minced onion, two minced leeks, one branch minced celery, two branches parsley and three ounces of raw rice. Stir the whole well together once in a while while cooking for five minutes.

Moisten with three quarts water. Season with a level tablespoon salt, two saltspoons cayenne pepper and one teaspoon curry powder. Mix well, then let slowly boil for one and a half hours. Place in a bowl one ounce rice flour, one gill cream and one egg yolk; whisk up well with a whisk for two minutes, pour this into the soup and stir while heating for two minutes. Remove, strain through a sieve, then through a cheesecloth into a tureen, and serve.

1074. Potatoes, Italienne

Boil six medium, peeled potatoes in two quarts water with a teaspoon salt for thirty minutes. Drain, then cut them into quarter-inch-thick slices. Nicely brown in a frying pan with two tablespoons lard for ten minutes, tossing them once in a while. Place them on a hot dish, crown-like, and keep warm.

Place three finely chopped shallots in a saucepan with a teaspoon of butter and brown for three minutes; moisten with a gill of demi-glace (No. 122), add six finely chopped mushrooms and a half teaspoon freshly chopped parsley; mix a little and let cook for eight minutes, pour the sauce over the potatoes and serve.

1075. Jerusalem Artichokes, Cream Sauce

Peel and wash twelve sound raw Jerusalem artichokes; plunge them into a quart boiling water with a teaspoon salt and boil for twenty-five minutes. Drain, dress on a vegetable dish, pour a cream sauce (No. 736) over them and serve.

1076. Omelette Moussellne Au Beurre Noir

Place eight fresh eggs yolks in a bowl and the whites in a copper basin. Season the yolks with a half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons white pepper and half saltspoon grated nutmeg. Briskly mix the yolks with a wooden spoon for two minutes. Beat up the whites for four minutes, add them to the yolks and lightly mix; heat a tablespoon butter in a large frying pan, pour in the eggs, mix with a fork for two minutes, let rest for a half minute, fold up the sides to meet in the centre, let rest for a minute; turn into a hot dish.

Place an ounce butter in the same pan, toss the butter on the fire until a light brown; pour in a tablespoon vinegar, toss a little, pour over the omelette and serve.