3250. Quails, White

Pick six nice, tender, fat quails, singe, draw, neatly wipe, split through back without separating, crack main bones, lightly flatten with cleaver and lay on a dish. Place in a mortar fifteen shelled, peeled and roasted almonds, the clear meat of six very sound walnuts, a very small, sound, peeled and finely chopped shallot, and pound all well together until a fine pulp. Add a half ounce fresh butter, light teaspoon each French mustard and salt, two saltspoons paprika, a saltspoon curry powder, strained juice of quarter of a sound lemon, and briskly pound again for a minute and a half. Take up pulp, carefully rub quails evenly all over with it, then infuse for thirty minutes, being careful to rub frequently meanwhile. Peel and carefully clean twelve good-sized, sound, fresh mushrooms and thoroughly drain. Mix on plate a light teaspoon salt, three saltspoons pepper, a tablespoon each oil and sherry, repeatedly turn mushrooms in seasoning, then neatly arrange one beside another in a baking dish. Place quails on top of mushrooms cut side downward, spread all butter in dish over birds and set in oven for twenty minutes, being careful to baste frequently with their own gravy once in a while.

Broil six exceedingly thin slices raw lean ham for one and a half minutes on each side, remove from oven, dress ham over and send to table in same dish.

3251. Spring Turkey, Gould

Carefully singe and cut head and feet off a nice, tender spring turkey, split open through back without separating, carefully draw, neatly wipe and remove spinal bone. Envelop in a towel and lightly flatten with a cleaver, lightly prickle both sides with point of a needle and place on a flat dish. Carefully crack eight sound walnuts, remove fibres, place meat in mortar with a small, sound, peeled and very finely chopped shallot and pound to a fine pulp. Add a half ounce fresh butter, light teaspoon French mustard, saltspoon each curry powder and paprika, three-quarters teaspoon salt, strained juice quarter of a sound lemon and briskly pound again for a minute. Take up pulp from mortar, carefully rub the turkey all over with it and let infuse for forty-five minutes, being careful to rub frequently meanwhile, arrange bird on double broiler and broil on a brisk fire for eight minutes on each side. Peel and core three good-sized, sound, juicy apples, cut each in four equal slices, lay on a lightly buttered baking dish one beside another, lay turkey on apples and arrange six thin slices raw lean bacon over turkey.

Spread remaining mixed butter in dish over, set in oven for twelve minutes, frequently basing with its own gravy once in a while, remove and send to table in same dish.