No. 34. Metal Strainer

Metal Strainer.

Metal Strainer, for gruel or gravy.

No. 35. Stewpan


Stewpan, differing from a saucepan in having straight sides, a flat cover, and flat handles, on which account it is more convenient for many purposes.

No. 36. Egg Poacher

Egg Poacher.

Egg Poacher, with a loose inside frame, and ladles to hold the eggs.

No. 37. Wine Cooler

Wine Cooler.

Wine Cooler, with divisions for bottles or decanters, and interstices for ice.

No. 38. Spring Water Ewer, ■With Ice Tub

Spring Water Ewer, â– with Ice Tub.

Spring Water Ewer, with long narrow neck and lip for pouring, and Wood Ice Tub, to contain it.

No. 39. Trussing Needle

Trussing Needle.

Trussing Needle, for trussing poultry.

No. 40. Larding Pin

Larding Pin.

Larding Pin, made with split ends, like a cleft stick, to receive strips of fat bacon, which are grafted by its means in the surface of turkeys, poultry, etc.

No. 41. Beef Fork

Beef Fork.

Beef Fork, for lifting large joints in the pot or saucepan.

No. 42. Dishing-Up Fork

Dishing up Fork.

Dishing-up Fork, for lifting small joints, vegetables; etc.

No. 43. Mincing Knife

Mincing Knife.

Mincing Knife, for chopping up meat, suet, and "mince-meat."

No. 44. Saddle Of Mutton Skewer

Saddle of Mutton Skewer.

Saddle of Mutton Skewer, for holding this joint on the spit for roasting.

No. 45. Fritter Mould

Fritter Mould.

Fritter Mould, and

No. 46. Mushroom Mould

Mushroom Mould.

Mushroom Mould, used for shaping fritter and mushroom cakes, being heated for the purpose on the hot plate or range hob.

No. 47. French Cook's Knife

French Cook's Knife.

French Cook's Knife, much preferred by men cooks, especially to the short, round bladed knife, for cooking purposes.

No. 48. Poultry Chopper

Poultry Chopper.

Poultry Chopper, a strong description of knife, thick and heavy, for breaking bones, etc.