1434. Mushrooms

Use the close button mushrooms, rub them with a bit of flannel or tammy cloth, throw a little salt over them, and put them into a stewpan with a little lemon or vinegar, and a blade of mace, and a few cloves, and whole white pepper, keeping them well shaken; then keeping it on the fire until all the liquor is absorbed into the mushrooms again, then put as much white vinegar in your stewpan, sufficient to cover them, give it a warm, then put them into bottled or jars.

1435. Pickled Mushrooms

Boil them in milk, then wipe them dry with a flannel, boil some vinegar with mace, nutmeg, and ginger, and let it stand till cold, then put it to the mushrooms, and bottle it; when bottled pour in a little sweet oil before tying on the bladders.

1436. How To Pickle White Mushrooms

Cut off the stalks of some small button mushrooms, rub the skins off with a flannel dipped in salt, and then throw them into milk and water, drain them out, and put them into a stewpan, strewing over them a handful of salt, cover them close, and put them over a gentle stove for five minutes to draw out all the water, then put ' them on a coarse cloth to drain till they are cold.

1437. Mushroom Ketchup

Put a quantity of large natural mushrooms into an earthen pan, and break them up small, sprinkle salt over them, let them lie for several days, mixing them up each day, then let them stand about a week and not stir them until a thick scum rises on the top; then strain the liquor from the mushrooms, boil the liquor with some peppercorns, mace, ginger, cloves, and some mustard seed tied in a muslin bag; when cold, bottle it, leave the spice in, bottle it, and cork it up tight, and in three months or so, boil it all up again, and when cold, bottle it. It will now keep for years.