1448. Walnut Ketchup

Boil gently a gallon of the expressed juice of young green walnuts, skim it well, then put into it a pound of anchovies, bones, and liquor, one ounce of cloves, two or three dozen of shalots, one ounce of mace, one ounce of pepper, one ounce of garlic, let it all boil until the shalots sink; then place the liquor into a pan until cold, then bottle it, dividing the spice equally in each bottle; cork it close, and bladder over the corks. This is not fit for use in less than a twelvemonth.

1449. Pickled Walnuts

When they will bear a pin to go into them, prick them all over; put a brine of salt and water on to boil, strong enough for an egg to swim on the top when quite cold; when it is boiling skim it", pour it over the walnuts, let them lie a week, then change the brine, let them stand several more days, then strain them off, have ready boiled some strong white vinegar, with spice boiled in it, and plenty of pepper and mustard seeds, and horseradish, all well boiled together; put to get cold, a few shalots and plenty of mustard seeds, then put them into jars or bottles. They will be several months before fit to use; keep them covered.

1450. Walnuts Pickled

Put a hundred of large double walnuts into a stone jar, take four ounces of black pepper, one ounce of Jamaica pepper, two ounces of ginger, one ounce of cloves, a pint of mustard seed, and boil them in as much vinegar as is sufficient to cover the walnuts; when cold pour it over the walnuts, in two days boil the pickle again, pour it to the walnuts immediately, cover them close, and repeat this for three days.

1451. Walnut Pickle

Lay your walnuts in water, and change it every day for the space of three weeks to extract all the bitterness from them; make a pickle with spice, salt, and vinegar, let it boil a quarter of an hour, and pour over the walnuts.