The Beauty of the eye, whether dark or light, but especially in light orbs, depends upon dark brows and heavy dark lashes; these will beautify the palest eye.

To Thicken the Eyebrows, gently brush in every other night a few drops of ail of cajeput, always brushing from the nose out-ward. Remove with tweezers any hairs that by their position or irregularity injure the perfect outline that the brow should possess.

How To Debpen Their Color

Take the dark pomatum pencil to be bought at all large perfumers, and pencil carefully until the desired tint is obtained. More accessible still is the needle point smoked in the lamp or the burned match.

Cinders In The Eyes

A simple and effective cure may be found in 1 or 2 grains of flaxseed which can be placed in the eye without pain or injury. As they dissolve, a glutinous substance is formed, which envelopes any foreign body that may be under the lid and the whole is easily washed out. A dozen or so of these seeds should constitute a part of every traveler's outfit.

Eye Lashes

Eye Lashes should be watched and any broken or weak hairs carefully trimmed. The eyes themselves should be kept in perfect health and free from any inflammation. Then the base of the lashes should be anointed with a very little oil of cajeput on a small camel's hair brush. This course faithfully preserved will soon show a marked difference.

To Darken the Eyelashes use a little diluted India ink. These operations on the lashes had best be conducted by a second person. The dye given below is very good.

Coloring For Eyebrows, Lashes And Hair

1 ounce of walnut bark (this can be had at the druggists) to 1 pint of water. Boil 1 hour slowly, add a piece of alum the size of a large hazel-nut to set the dye. Apply to the eyebrows and lashes with a little camel's hair brush, such as is used for water-color painting, or with a sponge to the hair. Protect the pillows with an old handkerchief. Dark eyebrows darken and improve the very palest eyes.