In washing the hair apply the liquid with a small sponge, parting the hair and moistening the scalp, avoiding the tresses as much as possible. Rinse in the same manner. Very mild soap and soft water may be used, carefully rinsing, or the yolk of an egg may be beaten in a cupful of warm water. Apply and rinse as before. Still better, the hair may be rinsed with a mixture of half-and-half bay-rum and rose-water. Hair washes are also useful. Do not use a fine-tooth comb. It causes an increased growth of dandruff and injures the hair.

Hair Wash

1 ounce borax, ounce camphor. Powder and dissolve in quart of boiling water. Perfume to suit. When cool it is ready for use. If it leaves the hair at all harsh or dry, 3 or 4 teaspoonfuls of pure glycerine may be added. Dampen the scalp often with this. It will sometimes prevent the hair falling out and will keep the skin clean and wholesome.

How To Prevent Hair Falling Out

Ammonia is an effectual stimulant. Washing the scalp often in soft water containing ammonia (2 spoonfuls to a large basin of water), use sponge as before directed, will often prove successful without any other aid. A tea-spoonful of glycerine added to the water will prevent any harshness of the hair from its use. The tips of the hair should be trimmed once a month, not by cutting the whole promiscuously, but by carefully examining and cutting the tip from every hair that seems dead or split. The following remedies are also recommended to prevent the hair from falling:

No. I

Ammonia, 1 ounce; rosemary water, 1 ounce; glycerine, 1 ounce; cantharides, 1 drachm; rose-water, 4 ounces. Wet the scalp with cold water, then apply this wash and rub briskly with a soft towel.

No. II

1 pint of alcohol, ounce oil of mace. A few drops perfumery, or use the deodorized alcohol. Oil of mace is a more powerful restorative for the hair than cantharides. Pour a little in a saucer and apply to the scalp with a medium brush. Do not brush too much. Do this three times a day for weeks, and if the head has inclining to baldness, continue once a day for some time longer. This has been known to create a new growth on bald heads. Wash the head often in cold water. This method is highly recommended by a competent authority.

Hair Dye

4 ounces butternut hulls. Infuse in 1 quart . water. To this add ounce copperas. Apply every two or three days with a hair-brush. Cleanse the hair first with weak ammonia and water. This will give brown and black dyes according to the strength of the decoction. Dampening the hair daily in strong cold tea or strong cold coffee will show a marked change in a few days, the hair becoming darker and softer.

Ambrosial Hair Tonic And Bye

1 ounce castor oil. ounce oil citronelle. 1 ounce ammonia.

1 ounce bay-rum.

1 drachm oil bergamot.

ounce glycerine (pure).

8 ounces strong sage tea made with soft water. 1 quart alcohol. 1 pint of soft water.

Rub into the scalp well.

Bandoline For Curling Or Crimping

2 ounces of borax, 1 drachm of gum arabic, 1 pints boiling water. Stir and when dissolved add 2 teaspoonfuls spirits of camphor. Bottle and keep on the toilet table. To use, put the curls or crimps up in papers or pins, dampen with bandoline and leave up over night, or until thoroughly dry. This will be found to resist the warmest day.

Bandoline, (No. II)

1 tablespoonful bruised quince seeds, 1 pint soft rain water. Simmer gently down to of a pint. A tablespoonful or two of alcohol may be added and enough cologne to give a pleasant odor. Use as above.