How To Prevent Moths

Take furs and other winter clothing, before the insidious miller claims them for its home; hang out doors in the wind, brush well with a whisk-broom, and envelop in brown paper sacks. Wrap the more valuable articles in newspapers before putting in the sacks. Printers' ink being one of the best preservatives against the depredations of moths. Turn over the edges of the sack and paste carefully down with a little flour paste (raw flora and cold water stirred smoothly together will answer), making sure that there are no openings in the sack where the moth miller can creep in. This is absolutely safe if done early in the season. Blankets, shawls, cloaks, etc., can be wrapped in large papers. Label every article as it is fastened, and keep a little memoranda book of where each package is put, that when one especial article is needed it can be found at once. Camphor gum is apt to turn furs a. light color. A cedar box is very nice to put these packages in, but in its absence a whisky or alcohol barrel is equally good. A little bergamot or some other perfume will do away with the odor.

Return all articles to the closets, close the doors and everything is ready for cleaning the rooms.

One Room at a time is all that should be undertaken. In this way dust, turmoil and misery, too often attendant upon house-cleaning, are avoided. A large, clean, soft dust-cloth, if very slightly moistened, is much the best. Dust carefully every article of furniture in the room, and carry either out doors or into an ad-, joining room. Pictures and mirrors that are too large to be removed from the walls should be carefully dusted and then covered.


Pull the tacks. Be careful not to break the heads and leave points in the floor. The carpet, if a Brussels or Wilton, should be folded by the seams, instead of being gathered into a heap, as these carpets are creased by treatment that would not harm an "ingrain" or "three-ply".

Leave the rope very slack before 'he carpet is hung, then lift to the required height by long and strong poles. Select for whips long, smooth, flexible twigs, canes will answer. Carpets should never be shaken as their weight inclines them to part. In beating them whip the wrong side first and thoroughly, then the right side. Brussels, however, and other heavy carpets, should be whipped on the right side only, as they are so heavy that the dust cannot penetrate them.

Sprinkle the floor from which the carpet has been removed with water containing a little carbolic acid. This will lay the dust and destroy its poisonous action on the lungs - dampened sawdust may be used instead.

How To Clean Wall Paper

If not much soiled, simply wiping off with a soft cloth pinned over a broom, changing for a clean one frequently, will answer; another way, is to take 2 quarts of wheat bran, inclese it in a bag of thin open flannel or strainer cloth; with this rub the paper, shaking up every few minutes so as to keep the surface fresh. This is a very good method.