Raisin Pie

Grated yellow rind of 1 lemon. Remainder of lemon, chopped. 1 cupful of stoned raisins. Butter, size of walnut. cupful of molasses.

1 cupful of brown sugar.

2 cupfuls of water.

Boil five minutes and add 5 tablespoonfuls of flour and teaspoonful of salt. Use two crusts. This will make two pies, medium-sized. A beaten egg can be stirred in and 3 tablespoon-fuls of flour omitted.

Prime Pie

Pit the prunes, stew soft, beat smooth, sweeten thoroughly and inclose in two crusts; bake. This may also be made without an upper crust and the beaten white of an egg spread over the top when done.

Cream Pie

1 pint of cream. 1 egg, or the white of an egg. 1 tablespoonful of corn-starch. cupful of sugar. Flavor with vanilla or lemon; bake in one crust. Another white of an egg may be whipped stiff with a spoonful of sugar and used for frosting if desired. Beat the egg and corn-starch together and stir into the cream; add sugar and flavoring. This will make one pie.

Mock Cream Pie

1 pint of milk.

2 yolks of eggs and:

1 white of egg.

cupful of sugar.

2 tablespoonfuls of corn-starch or flour.

Flavor with teaspoonful of vanilla or lemon extract. 1 teaspoonful of butter. Break the eggs into a dish, add sugar and corn-starch; beat together. Have the milk boiling and stir into the mixture, continuing to stir until it thickens. Be careful not to scorch it. Bake with one crust.

Use the reserved white of an egg to make a frosting. Sweeten; brown.

Ornamental Cream Pie

Use the same filling as for Mock Cream Pie, putting a layer of red currant or other bright colored jelly, first in the crust, then the cream filling, and afterward the meringue or frosting. This pie when cut is decidedly ornamental in appearance as well as delicious in flavor.

Cream Berry Tart

Line a dish with paste and fill with fresh raspberries, strawberries or blackberries made very sweet with powdered sugar. Cover with rather a thick paste, but do not pinch down the edges. When done, lift up the top crust and pour over the fruit the following cream; both should be cool. 1 small cup of milk, heated to boiling. Whites of 2 eggs, beaten light and stirred into the boiling milk. 1 tablespoonful of white sugar. teaspoonful of cornstarch, wet in cold milk. Boil together. Let cool before pouring over the tart. Replace the top crust and sprinkle sugar over before serving.

Strawberry Meringue

Make either puff paste or rich pie crust, roll 1/3 of an inch thick and cut in a round the size of a large pie-plate. Bake. When done, cover it thickly with strawberries and powdered sugar. Have ready the whites of 2 eggs whipped stiff and sweetened with 2 tablespoonfuls of white sugar. Spread over the berries, return to the oven until delicately browned. Serve cool for tea or dessert.

Chess Pie

4 yolks of eggs.

1 cupful of sweet cream.

2 whites of eggs. cupful of butter. 1 cupfuls of sugar.

tablespoonful of cornstarch.

If cream cannot be obtained use cupful of milk, 1 more egg and 2/3 instead of cupful of butter. Stir the butter and sugar together, add the other ingredients, stirring well. Bake with one crust like a custard pie. Make a frosting of the 2 reserved whites of eggs. Sweeten, flavor with nutmeg.