Pare, core and quarter six large ripe pippin apples. Stew them in about a jill of water. When they are soft but not broken, take them out, drain them through a sieve, and mash them to a paste with the back of a spoon. Mix with them six large table-spoon fuls of sugar and a quarter of a pound of butter, and set them away to get cold. Grate two milk biscuits or small sponge cakes, or an equal quantity of stale bread, and grate also the yellow peel, and squeeze the juice of a large lemon. Beat six eggs light, and when the apple is cold stir them gradually into it, adding the grated biscuit and the lemon. Stir in a wine glass of rose water and a grated nutmeg. Put the mixture into a buttered dish or dishes; lay round the edge a border of puff paste, and bake it three quarters of an hour. When cold, grate white sugar over the top, and ornament it with slips of citron handsomely arranged.