The night before you make this pudding, take a piece of rennet, in size rather more than two inches square, and carefully wash off in two cold waters all the salt from the outside. Then wipe it dry. Put the rennet into a tea-cup and pour on sufficient milk-warm water to cover it well. Next morning, as early as you can, stir the rennet-water into a quart of rich milk. Cover the milk, and set it in a warm place till it forms a firm curd, and the whey becomes thin and greenish. Then remove it to a cold place and set it on ice. Blanch, in scalding water, two ounces of shelled bitter almonds, or peach-kernels; and two ounces of shelled sweet almonds. Pound the almonds in a mortar, to a smooth paste, one at a time (sweet and bitter alternately, so as to mix them well); and add, while pounding, sufficient rose-water to make them light and white, and to prevent their oiling. Grate upon a lump of loaf-sugar the yellow rind or zest of two lemons, scraping off the lemon-zest as you proceed, and transferring it to a saucer. Squeeze over it the juice of the lemons, and mix the juice and the zest with half a pound and two ounces of finely-powdered loaf-sugar, adding a small nutmeg, grated. Then put the cold curd into a sieve, and drain it from the whey till it is left very dry, chopping the curd small, that it may drain the better. Beat in a shallow pan the yolks of eight eggs till very light, thick, and smooth Then mix into the egg the curd, in turn with the pounded almonds, and the sugar and lemon. Finish with a glass of brandy, or of Madeira or Sherry, and stir the whole very hard.

Butter a deep dish of strong white ware. Put in the mixture: set it immediately into a brisk oven and bake it well. When done, set it in a cold place till wanted, and before it goes to table, sift powdered sugar over it. It will be still better to cover the surface with a meringue or icing, highly flavored with rose-water or lemon-juice. You may decorate the centre with the word UNION in letters of gilt sugar.

The pudding will be found very fine.