Make a good plain paste. Pare, core, and slice half a dozen or more fine large juicy apples, and strew among them sufficient brown sugar to make them very sweet; adding some cloves, cinnamon, or lemon-peel. Have ready a pint of sour milk. Butter a deep tin baking-pan, and put in the apples with the sugar and spice. Then, having dissolved, in a little lukewarm water, a small tea-spoonful of soda, stir it into the milk, the acid of which it will immediately remove. Pour the milk, foaming, upon the apples, and immediately put a lid or cover of paste over the top, in the manner of a pie. This crust should be rolled out rather thick. Notch the edge all round, having made it fit closely. Set it into a hot oven, and bake it an hour. Eat it warm, with sugar.