Take a dozen fine large juicy apples, and pare and core them, but do not cut them in pieces. Put them side by side into a large baking-pan, and fill up with white sugar the holes from whence you have extracted the cores. Pour into each a little lemon-juice, or a few drops of essence of lemon, and stick in every one a long piece of lemon-peel evenly cut. Into the bottom of the pan put a very little water, just enough to prevent the apples from burning. Bake them about an hour, or till they are tender all through, but not till they break. When done, set them away to get cold.

If closely covered they will keep two days. They may be eaten at tea with cream. Or at dinner with a boiled custard poured over them. Or you may cover them with sweetened cream flavoured with a little essence of lemon, and whipped to a froth. Heap the froth over every apple so as to conceal them entirely.