This is the biscuit glace so popular in France. Take some pieces of broken loaf-sugar, and rub off on them the yellow rind of four lemons, or oranges. Then pulverize the sugar, and mix it with half a pound of loaf-sugar already powdered, and moistened with the juice of the lemons. Beat six eggs very light, and stir them gradually into a quart of cream, in turn with the sugar and lemon. Have ready some stale Naples biscuit or square sponge cakes grated very fine, and stir them gradually into the mixture, in sufficient quantity to make a thick batter, which must be beaten till perfectly smooth and free from lumps. Put it into a porcelain stew-pan, and give it one boil up, stirring it nearly all the time. Then put it into a freezer, and freeze it in the usual manner. Afterwards transfer it to a pyramid mould, and freeze it a second time for half an hour or more. When quite frozen, take it out of the mould upon a glass or china dish.

Instead of lemon or orange, you may flavour it with a vanilla bean boiled slowly in half a pint of cream, and then strained out; before you mix it with the other cream.