Cut off the head and tail, and clean the fish. Wipe it very dry with a cloth, and sprinkle the inside with a little salt and pepper. You may either broil it split open, and laid flat; or you may cut it into three or four pieces without splitting. In the latter case, it will require a longer time to broil. Keep it in ice till you are ready to cook it. Having well greased the bars with lard, or beef suet, or fresh butter, set your gridiron over, a bed of clear, bright, hot coals; place the shad upon it (the inside downwards) and broil it thoroughly. When one side is done, turn it on the other with a knife and fork. Have ready a hot dish, with a large piece of softened fresh butter upon it, sprinkled with cayenne. When the shad is broiled, lay it on this dish, and turn it in the butter with a knife and fork. Send it hot to table, under a dish-cover.