Take eight calves' feet (two sets) and season them with a small tea-spoonful of salt, half a tea-spoonful of cayenne, and half a tea-spoonful of black pepper, all mixed together and rubbed over the feet. Slice a quarter of a peck of ochras, and a dozen onions, and cut up a quarter of a peck of tomatas without skinning them. Put the whole into a soup-pot with four quarts of water, and boil and skim it during two hours. Then take out the calves' feet, and put them on a dish. Next, strain the soup through a cullender, into an earthen pan, and with the back of a short wooden ladle mash out into the pan of soup all the liquid from the vegetables, till they are as dry as possible. Cut off all the meat nicely from the bones into small bits, and return it to the soup, adding a quarter of a pound of fresh butter, divided into four, and rolled in flour. Put the soup again into the pot, and give it a boil up. Toast two or three large thick slices of bread; cut it into small square dice or mouthfuls; lay it in the bottom of the tureen; pour the soup over it, and put on the tureen cover immediately. This soup (which, however, can only be made when tomatas and ochras are in season) will be found excellent. It may be greatly improved by boiling in it the hock of a cold ham: in which case add no salt.