Pick, wash, and dry a pound of currants, and sprinkle them well with flour; and prepare two nutmegs and a large table-spoonful of powdered cinnamon. Sift half a pound and two ounces of flour. Stir together till very light, six ounces of fresh butter, and half a pound of powdered white sugar; and add gradually the spice, with two wine glasses of brandy, (or one of brandy and one of white wine.) Beat four eggs very light, and stir them into the mixture alternately with the flour. Add by degrees half a pint of brisk cider; and then stir in the currants, a few at a time. Lastly, a small tea-spoonful of pearl-ash or sal-aratus dissolved in a little cider. Having stirred the whole very hard, put it into a buttered tin pan, have the oven ready, and put in the cake immediately. Bake it in a brisk oven an hour or more, according to its thickness. Or you may bake it as little cakes, putting it into small tins; in which case use but half a pound of flour in mixing the batter.