Take three cocoa-nuts and grate their meat on a coarse grater. Weigh the grated cocoa-nut, and to each pound, allow one pound of the best double-refined loaf-sugar. Put the sugar into a preserving kettle, and to every two pounds allow a pint of water, and the beaten white of one egg mixed into the water. When the sugar is entirely dissolved in the water, set it over the fire, and boil and skim it. When the scum has ceased to rise, and the sugar is boil-ing hard, begin to throw in the grated cocoa-nut, gradually, stirring hard all the time. Proceed till the mixture is so thick it can be stirred no longer. Have ready, square or oblong in pans, slightly buttered with the best fresh butter. Fill them with the mixture, put in evenly and smoothly, and of the same thickness all through the pan. Smooth the surface all over with a broad knife dipped in cold water. Set it to cool, and, when the candy is almost hard, score it down in perpendicularly straight lines with a sharp knife dipped in cold water, the lines being two or three inches apart. These cuts must be made deep down to the bottom of the pan. When it is quite cold and firm, cut the candy entirely apart, so as to form long sticks, and keep it in a cold place.

If any of the grated cocoa-nut is left, you may make it into cocoa-nut maccaroons, or into a cocoa-nut pudding.