For this purpose the coffee should be cold drawn. Take a large half pint of fresh ground coffee, which should be of the best quality, and roasted that day. Put it into a grecque or French coffee pot, such as are made with strainers inside, and have a second cover below the lid. Lay the coffee on the upper strainer, pour on it half a pint of cold water, and press it down with the inner cover. Put on the outer or top-lid of the coffee-pot, and stop the mouth of the spout with a roll or wad of soft white paper, or with a closely-fitting cork, to prevent any of the aroma escaping".

When the coffee liquid has all filtered down through both the upper and lower strainers, pour it off into a bowl, and return it to the upper strainer to filter down a second time. It will then be beautifully clear, and very strong, notwithstanding that it has been made with cold water.

Have ready a custard-mixture made of eight well-beaten eggs, stirred gradually into a pint of cold rich rnilk or cream; and three or four table-spoonfuls of powdered loaf-sugar. Stir the cold liquid coffee gradually into it. Put it into cups. Set them in an iron oven or bake-pan with boiling water round them, reaching rather more than half-way up the sides of the cups. Bake them ten minutes or more. Then set them on ice, and send them to table quite cold.