Sift two pounds of flour into a pan, and mix with it a tea-spoonful of salt. Warm together a jiil of water and a jill of milk. Make a hole in the middle of the pan of flour; mix with the milk and water a jill of the best yeast, and pour it into the hole. Mix into the liquid enough of the surrounding flour to make a thin batter, which you must stir till quite smooth and free from lumps. Then strew a handful of flour over the top, and set it in a warm place to rise for two hours or more. When it is quite light, and has cracked on the top, make it into a dough with some more milk and water. Knead it well for ten minutes. Cover it, and set in again to rise for twenty minutes. Then make the dough into roils or round balls. Bake them in a square pan, and send them to table hot, cut in three, buttered and put together again.