Buy at one of the best grocer's, a half-pound paper of corn-starch flour. Boil a quart of milk, taking out of it a large tea-cup-full, which you may put into a pan. While the milk is boiling, mix with the cold milk four heaping table-spoonfuls of the corn-starch. Beat three eggs very light, and stir them into the mixture. Flavour it with a tea-spoonful of extract of bitter almonds, or of vanilla, or a wine-glass of rose-water. Add a quarter of a pound of powdered loaf-sugar, and stir the whole well together. When the other milk is boiling hard, pour it gradually on the mixture in the pan, which mixture will thicken while the milk is pouring. Transfer it to blancmange moulds, (first wetting them with cold water,) and set them in a cold place till dinner-time. Eat it with cream. Serve up sweetmeats at the same time.

If you use new milk, the mixture will be like a soft custard, and must be sent to table as such. Skim-milk makes it blancmange.

If you wish it as a pudding, use five heaping spoonfuls of the corn-starch powder. Send it to table hot, and eat it with wine sauce. It is a pudding very soon prepared.

Blancmange moulds are best of block tin. Those of china are more liable to stick.

These preparations of corn-starch are much liked.