Grate as much fresh orange-peel as will make two ounces when done; the peel of fresh shaddock will be still better. Mix it with a pint of orange juice. Put it into a quart of the strongest and clearest rectified spirit; shake it, let it infuse for a fortnight, and strain it. Then make a syrup by dissolving a pound of the best loaf-sugar in a pint of cold water, adding to it the beaten white of an egg, and boiling and skimming it till the scum ceases to rise. Mix the syrup with the strained liquor. Let it stand jill next day, and then filter it through white blotting paper fastened to the bottom of a sieve. Curacoa is a great improvement to punch; also a table-spoonful of it in a tumbler of water makes a very refreshing summer drink.