Take half a pound of strained honey, half a pound of white was, and half a pound of fresh lard. Cut up the was very small, put it into a porcelain-lined saucepan, and set it over the fire till it is quite melted. Then add alternately the honey and the lard; stirring them all well together. Let them boil moderately, till they become a thick paste, about the consistence of simple cerate, or of lip salve. Then remove the saucepan from the fire, and stir into the mixture some rose-perfume, or carnation, or violet - no other. Transfer the paste, while warm, to gallicups with covers; and paste a slip of white paper round each cover.

For keeping the hands white and soft, and preventing their chapping, there is nothing superior to this paste; rubbing on a little of it, after dipping your hands lightly in water.