Take a peck of large ripe to-matas. Having cut a slit in each, put them into a large preserving-kettle, and boil them half an hour. Then take them out, and press and strain the pulp through a hair sieve. Put it back into the kettle, and add an ounce of salt, an ounce of powdered mace, half an ounce of powdered cloves, a small tea-spoonful of ground black pepper, the same of cayenne pepper, and eight table-spoonfuls of ground mustard. Mix the season ing with the tomata pulp; let it boil slowly during four hours. Then take it out of the kettle, and let it stand till next day, in an uncovered tureen. When cold, stir into it one pint of the best cider vinegar. Put it into clean bottles, and seal the corks. It will be found excellent for flavouring stews, hashes, fish-sauce, etc.