Take a fore-leg of beef, and cut it up into small pieces. Put the meat with the bones into a soup-pot, and cover it with a gallon of water. Season it with pepper, and a little salt. Boil and skim it well. Have ready half a peck of ripe tomatas cut up small; and when the soup is boiling thoroughly, put them in with all their juice. Add six onions sliced. and some crusts of bread cut small. The soup must then be boiled slowly for six hours or more. When done, strain it through a cullender. Put into the tureen some pieces of bread cut into dice or small squares, and pour the soup upon it.

Tomata soup (like most others) is best when made the day before. In this case you may boil it longer and slower. Then having strained it into a stone jar, cover it closely, and set it away in a cold place. Next day, add some grated breadcrumbs mixed with a little butter, and give the soup a boil up. When ochras are in season, this soup will be greatly improved by the addition of half a peck of ochras, peeled and sliced thin.