Sift a pint and a half of yellow Indian meal, and mix it with half a pint wheat flour. Beat two eggs very light, and then stir them gradually into the meal, in turn with almost a quart of sour milk. If you have no sour milk from the preceding day, you can turn some sweet milk sour by setting it in the sun. Lastly, dissolve a tea-spoonful of sal-aratus, or a very small tea-spoonful of pearl-ash in a little of the sour milk reserved for the purpose. The batter must be as thick as that, for a pound-cake. More Indian meal may be necessary. Stir it at the last into the mixture, which, while foaming, must be put into buttered cups, or little tin pans, and set immediately into an oven, brisk but not too hot. When well baked, turn out the cakes, and send them warm to the breakfast-table. Eat them with butter.