Powder a pound of the best loaf-sugar. Beat to a strong froth the whites of eight eggs, and when it is stiff enough to stand alone, beat into it the powdered sugar, (a tea-spoonful at a time,) adding the juice of two lemons, or of two large oranges. Having beaten the whole very hard, drop it in oval or egg-shaped heaps upon sheets of white paper, smoothing them with a broad knife dipped in cold water. Place them in a moderate oven, (if it is too cool they will not rise, but will flatten and run into each other,) and bake them till coloured of a very pale brown. Then take them off the papers very carefully, place two bottoms (or flat sides) together so as to unite them in an oval ball, and lay them on their sides to cool. You may scoop out a little from the under-surface of each, and put in some jelly. Then stick the fiat sides together.