Take twenty large ripe oranges, and grate the yellow rind from seven of them. Dissolve an ounce of is in glass in as much warm water as will cover it. Mix the juice with a pound of loaf-sugar broken up, and add the grated rind and the isinglass. Put it into a porcelain pan over hot coals, and stir it till it boils. Then skim it well. Boil it ten minutes, and strain it (but do not squeeze it) through a jelly-bag till it is quite clear. Put it into a mould to congeal, and when you want to turn it out dip the mould into luke-warm water. Or you may put it into glasses at once.

You must have a pint of juice to a pound of sugar.

A few grains of saffron boiled with the jelly will improve the colour without affecting the taste.