To four pounds of the best double refined loaf-sugar, allow a quart of water, and four dozen large ripe deep-coloured oranges. Having rolled the oranges on the table under your hand to increase the quantity of juice, wash and wipe them dry. Take pieces of the sugar and rub them on half the oranges till you have taken off on the sugar their yellow rind or zest. Then put that sugar with the remainder into a porcelain kettle, and pour on it a quart of water into which has been beaten the white of one egg.. When the sugar is quite melted, set the kettle on the fire, and boil and skim it till the scum ceases to rise, and the orange-zest is entirely dissolved. Then stir in gradually the juice of the oranges, and when all is in, take it directly off the fire, lest the flavour of the juice should be weakened by boiling. Let it cool, stirring it well. Lastly, put it into a freezer surrounded by pounded ice and salt, and stir it hard for the first ten minutes. Take off the lid and repeat the stirring every five minutes till the freezing is accomplished. Turn it out into a glass bowl; having first washed off the ice and salt from the outside of the freezer, lest some of it should chance to get into the inside. Serve it on saucers.

After it has congealed in the freezer, yon may transfer it to a pyramid or pine-apple mould, and freeze it a second time, which will require half an hour or more. Of course, while in the mould, it must remain undisturbed. Before you turn it out, hold round the outside of the mould a cloth dipped in cold water.