Take a peck of button tomatas, full grown, but quite green. Weigh them, and to each pound allow a pound of the best double-refined loaf-sugar, broken up small. Scald. and peel them. Have ready ten lemons rolled under your hand on a table, to increase the juice. Grate off, upon lumps of sugar, the yellow surface of the rind, scraping up the grating or zest with a spoon, and transferring it to a bowl. Squeeze over it, through a strainer, the juice of the lemon. Take a quarter of a pound of root ginger, scrape off the outside, grate the ginger and mix it with the lemon.

Put the sugar into a large preserving kettle, and pour water on it; allowing half a pint of water to each pound of sugar. Stir it about with a large, clean wooden spoon, till it melts. Set it over a clear fire, and boil and skim it. After it has boiled, and is very clear, and the scum has ceased to rise, put in the tomatas and boil them till every one has slightly bursted. Next add the lemon and ginger, and boil them about a quarter of an hour longer. Then take them out and spread them on large dishes to cool. Boil the syrup by itself, ten minutes longer. Put the tomatas into jars, about half full, and fill up with the syrup. Cover the jars closely, and paste paper round the lids; or tie bladders over them.

Green tomatas, done as above, make an excellent sweetmeat. Ripe or red tomatas may be preserved in the same manner; yellow ones also.

The lemon and ginger must on no account be omitted.