Take a large fowl; cut it up; put it with a few small onions into a soup-pot, and fry it brown in plenty of lard. Afterwards pour in as much water as you intend for the soup, and boil it slowly till the whole strength of the chicken is extracted, and the flesh drops in rags from the bones. An hour before dinner, strain off the liquid, return it to the pot (which must first be cleared entirely out) add the liquor of a quart of fresh oysters, and boil it again. In half an hour put in the oysters and mix into the soup two large table-spoonfuls of fresh butter rolled in flour; some whole pepper; blades of mace; and grated nutmeg. Toast some thick slices of bread (without the crust) cut them into dice, and put them into the soup tureen. For the fowl, you may substitute a knuckle of veal cut up; or a pair of rabbits.