Take a good piece of salt pork, (not too fat,) and, early in the evening, lay it in water, to soak all night, changing the water about bed-time. In the morning, drain and wash the pork, and cut it in very thin slices, seasoning it with pepper. Put a layer of this pork in the bottom of a large dinner-pot, and then a layer of slices of bread. Next put in a layer of potatoes, pared and cut up; then another layer of pork slices, covered by another layer of sliced bread; and then again potatoes. Proceed till the pot is two-thirds full, finishing with bread. Lastly, pour on just sufficient water to stew it well and keep it from burning. Set it over the fire, and let it cook slowly for three hours. If it becomes too dry, add a little boiling water.

This is a homely dish, but a very good one, particularly on a farm or on ship-board. At sea, you must substitute biscuit for bread.

Cold pork, left from yesterday, may be cooked in this manner.