To each pound of loaf-sugar allow half a pint of water, and three quarts of ripe strawberries. Having broken up the sugar, put it into a preserving-kettle, and pour on it the water in the above proportion. To make the syrup very clear, you may allow to each pint of water half the white of an egg beaten into the water. When the sugar has melted, and been well stirred in the water, put the kettle over the fire, and boil and skim it till the scum ceases to rise. Have ready the strawberry juice, having put the strawberries into a linen bag, and squeezed the liquid into a deep pan. As soon as you take the kettle of syrup from the fire, stir into it the strawberry juice. Then put it into a freezer, surrounded with ice broken small, and mixed with salt; twirl it round by the handles for ten minutes, and then let it freeze, frequently stirring it hard. When done, turn it out into a glass bowl, and serve it on saucers. Or you may give it a second freezing in a pyramid mould.