Put into a large pitcher a pound and a half of the best loaf-sugar, broken small. Pour on it a quart of clear cold water, and crush and stir the sugar till it is all melted. Take a dozen large fine ripe oranges, and roll every one under your hand on a table, to increase the juice. Take off the yellow rind in large thin pieces, and cut them neatly into round shapes, the size of a half-dollar. Squeeze the juice of the oranges through a strainer upon the melted sugar, and stir it well. Set the pitcher on ice till the sherbet is wanted. Serve it up in lemonade-glasses, placing in the bottom of each, one of the round pieces of orange-rind, and lay a lump of ice upon it. Then fill the glasses with the sherbet. Instead of orange-juice, you may use that of strawberries, raspberries, or currants, pressed through a strainer.