Take two pounds of red currants and two pounds of raspberries (raw) rubbed through a cloth to extract the juice. Measure the juice in a good clean wine-bottle and pour it out. Put in the rest of the juice, and fill up the bottle with cold water so as to make two wine-bottles of liquid in all. Put this liquid in a large brass saucepan, and add half a stick of vanilla and three-quarters of a pound of lump sugar. Put the saucepan on the fire. Mix five ounces of the best cornflour and two ounces of Groult's French starch flour (farine d'anidon) with half a bottle of cold water. When quite smooth, pour it gradually, stirring all the time, into the boiling fruit juice. Let the whole boil until it thickens.

Rinse out a china mould or basin with cold water, pour in the mixture, and put it for some hours in a cool place or on the ice. Turn it out and serve with cream.