WE give diagrams showing the manner of cutting up meats at the present day for home consumption. Packers have a different method. On the quarter of beef the figures are made to correspond with the like parts in the beef on foot. It is the same with the porker.

How To Cut Beef


1. Cheek, for soup.

2. Neck, for mince-meat.

3. Chuck, for roasting.

4. Rib roast - best roast.

5. Porter-house steak.

6. Sirloin, roast or steak.

7. Rump, to roast or boil.

8. Round, for steak, pot-roast, or dried beef.

9. Hock, for soup-meat.

10. Shank, for soup-bone.

11. Flank, for soup or steak.

12. Rib or plate, for corned beef.

13. Brisket, for corned beef.

14. Shoulder-clod, for pot-roast.

15. Shank, for soup-bone.

16. Breast, for soup or stew.

The pluck is the heart, liver, and lights.

How To Clean Tripe

Rinse the paunch in cold water after it is emptied. Use great care that the contents do not touch the outside. Make a strong lye and pour it hot over the tripe, and let it soak 3 hours. Then fasten it to a board with tacks, and scrape the inner skin off with a knife. Then sprinkle with lime, cover with warm water, and, after soaking 2 hours, scrape again. If the dark comes off it is clean, but if not, sprinkle again with lime, and soak once more, and scrape again. When clean, cover with salt water, and keep it soaking for 3 days, putting on clear brine each day. Then take out, cut into 6-inch squares, soak in buttermilk (to whiten) for 1/2 day; rinse, and boil in clear water until very tender. It may take all day.