Tack a piece of silk on a small frame. Dissolve some isinglass in water. When well incorporated, apply with a brush to the silk, let it dry, repeat it, and when dry, cover it with a strong tincture of balsam of Peru.

Honey - To Prevent Candying

To prevent honey from candying, after being taken from the comb put it into a kettle and over the fire; boil it gently and as the scum rises skim it off until it becomes clear, when it can be turned into the vessel you wish to keep it in, where it will keep clear and fresh without candying.

Wax From Honey-Comb

Put the comb into a bag made of coarse strainer-cloth. Crowd it down full. Put into a kettle and cover well with water. Put a weight on if necessary to keep it under water. Turn it occasionally. When the water heats, the comb will melt, and as it boils the wax will come through the sack and rise to the top of the water. As it rises it should be dipped off into a vessel of cold water. Keep adding water sufficient to keep the bag covered. Press it once in a while, and when no more will rise it is all out of the comb, and is cooled on the surface of the cold water.