Served in small squares and almost invariably eaten with the fingers. The last course of a dinner, but often in the form of canapes and other made dishes, appearing as well among the hot hors d'otuvres near the beginning. A chemist has been wrestling with the difficulty of the indi-gestibility of cheese in the case of weak stomachs, and claims to have made the discovery that a 1/4 oz. of bicarbonate of potash in a pound of grated cheese stirred over the fire with some milk till it dissolves, makes a soluble cheese that is easily digested.

Hygienic Cheese Custard

Cheese with milk and potash as named; mustard, pepper, salt, and eggs, poured like an omelet in hot buttered dish, and baked.

Cheese Pudding

Same mixture with more milk, poured to a dish of slices of bread, and baked.

Welsh Rarebit

Original recipe: 1/2. lb. cheese in small bits, 1/2 glass ale, lump of butter mixed by stirring over a brisk fire, pepper, salt, and dry mustard added, poured over squares of toast.

Potted Cheese

Dry pieces of cheese pounded fine with 1/4 lb. butter for every pound; pepper, cayenne, dry mustard; pressed down into jars to keep for sandwiches and cheese toasts.

Cheese Fritters

Grated cheese, bread crumbs and eggs beaten well together; fried in small lumps of butter.

Cheese Toast

Cheese and butter melted together, on fried bread.

Cheese And Macaroni

One way of doing it in individual style is to place the cooked macaroni In the dish, dredge grated cheese and bread crumbs over, and brown each dish as it is sent in with the salamander. Ordinary macaroni and cheese has layers of macaroni, cheese sprinkled over, a sauce poured in, crumbs or cracker dust on top, and baked brown. There are other ways, however; the ordinary hotel Macaroni and Cheese a la Genoise is but boiled macaroni with grated Parmesan (which comes ready-grated in bottles) dredged over and a spoonful of tomato sauce besides.

Cheese Souffles

Made of 1/4 lb. soft cheese, 2 oz. flour, 1 oz. butter, salt, cayenne; all mixed with 3 yolks and the whites whipped to froth; baked in cases or cups. Must be served hot.

Cheese Balls

Whites of 2 eggs whipped stiff, 2 oz. Parmesan cheese grated (or other dry cheese), stirred together, salt, cayenne, dropped in hot lard and fried like fritters; served very hot.

Baked Cheese (Restaurant Specialty)

Four oz. butter, 1/2 pint water boiled, 7 oz. flour stirred in; when partly cooked, 4 yolks beaten, then 4 whites whipped, 4 oz. grated cheese; poured in dish, covered with very thin slices of cheese; egged over; baked.

Kinds Of Cheese

Of 18 varieties experimented with, Cheddar cheese was found to be most easily digested, 4 hours; skim Swiss cheese requires 10 hours. Fat cheeses are most digestible.

Cheese With Asparagus

Cheese assimilates deliriously with most varieties of succulent vegetables, and is particularly good with asparagus. Some Parmesan or Gruyere should be grated over the soft part.

Cheese Stewed With Ale

Is much easier of digestion than when toasted. The only postprandial dish of the Beef Steak Club used to be a stew of cheese in a silver dish.

Cheese With Cutlets

Lamb or mutton chops are dipped in flour, beaten egg, grated cheese and cracker dust, and fried a I'ltalienne.

Cheese Straws

Crisp sticks of cheese-paste made of 4 oz. each butter, cheese 'and flour pounded together, little water to moisten, salt, cayenne; cut in strips and baked; tied in bundles with colored ribbon. They are cut from size of Straws to broad strips.

Parmesan Pyramids

Square pieces of cheese-straw paste baked; whipped cream mixed with grated Parmesan on top.

Cheese Ramequins

Light cheese souffle baked in cases, made of 2 oz. butter, 1 oz. flour, 1 cup milk, 6 eggs, 6 oz. grated cheese; baked.

Fried Ramequins

Puff-paste rounds spread with grated cheese wetted with cream, doubled over, edges pinched; fried.

Cheese Trifles

Small patty-pans lined with paste, cheese, cream, and egg yolk mixed for filling.

Cheese Omelet

An ordinary omelet with grated or minced cheese strewed over and rolled up in it.

Cheese Souffle

A little thick butter-sauce with grated cheese, yolks and whipped whites; baked in a. pan or case.

Cheese Fondu

Melted cheese, butter and eggs stirred up together.

Pailles Au Parmesan

Cheese straws.

Pailles A La Sefton

Strips of puff-paste with grated cheese between the layers rolled in; egged over and baked.

Biscuits Au From Age

The same paste of which cheese straws are made, cut into squares or diamonds.

Pain De Fromage

A cheese cream, made of custard with salt and cayenne instead of sugar; 3 oz. grated cheese stirred into 1/2 pint of the custard and 1/2 pint whipped cream, and 1/2 oz. gelatine to set it when cold. In a mould.