Chop Houses

English chop houses are growing in favor in New York. In this case it is not due to Anglomania, but to the solid comforts that can be enjoyed at the regulation chop houses. In a certain locality there are five of these little hostelries that do an immense business all day long, and are open most of the night. They do not serve oysters or pastry of any sort. They sell chops, Welsh rarebits, steaks, egg on toast, and ales and wines. The dishes are cooked with uncommon skill, and everything is served with the utmost neatness.

Choux (Fr)


Choux De Bruxelles (Fr)

Brussells sprouts.

Chouxfleurs (Fr)


Choux Paste

The same paste of which the familiar Boston cream puffs are made; it is called pate a choux in French, is used in a few forms about meats and in soups, and varied by having a slight addition of sugar and vanilla it forms two or three varieties of eclairs. (See cream puffs).


Mixed pickles thickened with scalded mustard; can be bought cheapest by the keg for hotel use, or made cheaply where there are plenty of vegetables.

Christmas Pudding

Boiled plum pudding, made of l lb. each bread-crumbs, suet, raisins, currants, sugar; 1/4 lb. each citron and almonds; I lemon, 1 orange, rind and juice; 1/4 pint each brandy and sherry; 1 nutmeg, little salt, 8 eggs, cream enough to moisten. Mixed up a day before cooking; put in bag or mould and boiled 10 hours. Warm brandy poured over, set on fire and sent so to table with hard sauce.

Chuck Ribs

Of beef, the coarser rib meat nearest the neck.

Chuck Steaks

Shoulder steaks.


An inferior cut of beef; the cut back of the hip bone.


A sort of gizzard found in the white-fish of the great lakes, which feeds on small shellfish; the chums are reserved by the salters and esteemed a delicacy.


An East Indian sweet pickle; can be purchased at the fancy grocery stores. (See Bengal, Indian.) "And mango chutnev, another and characteristically Singhalese condiment, among the ingredients of which I think arc fresh-grated cocoanut and chillies carefully braved together in a mortar. This chutney is of a rich roseate hue; and after eating it with his prawn curry, the epic una feels like the Grand Turk".

Cigarettes Of Meat

French caterers' specialty. Finely minced chicken, or any other kind of meat, seasoned with aromatic salt, rolled up in paste, baked light color; long, slender.


A small fish, a fresh-water herring abundant in the lakes of the northwest. The flesh is white, parts in fillets from the spine like the flesh of the brook trout, and is as free from small bones.

Citron (Fr)



A large and coarse fruit of the lemon family, produced in warm latitudes; used only in the form of candied citron peel. This is boiled in water to extract the bitterness; then boiled in syrup and dried.

Citron Melon

A small green melon of the gardens, the "apple-pie melon," used for cooking and for preserving, and is boiled in flavored syrup and dried in imitation of the West India peel.