Clear soups. Made by preparing a soup as to strength and flavorings complete, but generally without any thickening ingredients; straining it, adding chopped lean raw meat and white of eggs, and boiling, then straining it clear and transparent through a jelly bag or cloth.

Consomme A L'Imperatrice

Clear soup with a poached egg in the plate; named for the Empress Josephine.

Consomme Aux Oeufs Poches

Another name for the foregoing-. " The story runs tha the Empress Josephine returned after one of the imperial hunts at Fountainebleau very tired and had just time to change her dress for dinner. ' The only thing I could eat at dinner,' she exclaimed, ' would be a new-laid egg.' One of the ladies hearing this hurried to General R., who was the superintendent of the palace, and transmitted her mistress's wish to him. The general immediately communicated with the chef, who saw no better way of gratifying the Empress's wish than by introducing poached eggs into the clear soup. All the menus were written 'Potage Consomme' - the only addition to make was 'a l'Imperatrice.' The guests wondered, but the Empress was pleased, and the new soup had its days".

Consomme A La Colbert

Clear soup with shreds of lettuce, celery, Jerusalem artichokes and small onions.

Consomme A La Prince De Galles

Clear soup with small diamond shapes of quenelle forcemeat inclosing pieces of chicken meat, royale custards in same shapes, and asparagus points.

Consomme Aux Haricots Verts

Clear soup with shreds of string beans cooked green and kept separate till served.

Consomme Aux Pates D'Italie

Clear soup with any of the various Italian pastes, but [preferably with the alphabet or similar fancy pastes.

Consomme A La Jerusalem

Clear soup with balls like large peas scooped out of Jerusalem artichokes.

Consomme A La Monte Carlo

French specialty. With fancy cutters vegetables and truffles are cut out to imitate clubs, diamonds, spades and hearts; chicken forcemeat dotted with truffles make dominoes; pipe macaroni stuffed with puree of green peas and forcemeat, cut across, forms rings. These are all served in the plates of clear soup.

Consomme National

French specialty. Vegetables reduced to a savory mince inclosed in small egg shapes of chicken forcemeat; served in a plate of clear soup; the vegetables used are 2 carrots, 2 leeks, 1 turnip, cut in dice and fried in butter, then stewed in consomme to glaze.

Consomme A La Duchesse

A clear soup slightly thickened with starch, which becomes clear again by slow simmering; then strips of white meat added.

Consomme A La Nivernaise

Clear soup with fancy Italian pastes, quenelles and vegetables stamped in shapes.

Consomme Au Vermicelli

Clear soup with vermicelli, the latter cooked and kept separate till served.