The word signifies something crisp. Croquettes are balls or any shape of almost any eatable thing, floured or bread-crumbed and fried in plenty of hot fat, then drained on paper.

Chicken Croquettes A L'Italienne

Meat of 1 large chicken cut in very small squares, half as much mushrooms; little chopped shallot; butter and flour fried together; broth added to make thick sauce; yolks of eggs, chicken and mushrooms stirred into the sauce; made cold; rolled into pear shapes, or rolls; breaded; fried; served with Italian sauce.

Croquettes Of Beef Palates

Beef palates parboiled and skinned; cooked 3 hours, and pressed; cut in small dice; made same as chicken croquettes; tomato sauce.

Croquettes De Homard

Lobster croquettes; the meat, coral, white sauce, yolks of eggs, and butter, made into smooth long rolls; breaded; fried; served with any fish sauce, which then gives the name, as with Hollandaise sauce.

Croquettes De Cervelies

Brains scrambled with bread crumbs, milk, flour, yolks, little minced shallot, nutmeg, lemon juice, pepper, salt, parsley; made in cone or pear shapes; breaded; fried.

Croquettes De Volaille Aux Truffes

Chicken with truffles mixed in, instead of mushrooms, and served with truffle sauce.

Croquettes De Volaille A L'Ecar Late

With red tongue in the composition and in the sauce.

Croquettes De Pommes

Apple marmalade stiffened with corn starch; cooled; cut in oblongs; breaded; fried; served with sweet sauce or jelly.

Croquttes De Riz

Rice boiled dry, slightly sweetened; butter and yolks added; made in pear shapes; floured; breaded; fried; currant jelly for sauce.

Croquettes De Riz De Veau

Calves' sweetbreads; same way as chicken or brains.

Croquettes Of Rice And Ham

A London caterer's specialty. Potted ham or. tongue made in small balls; rice cooked and seasoned; yolks and whipped whites added; the ham balls covered with the rice paste; egged; rolled in ground pop-corn; fried; white sauce containing lemon juice.

Turkey Croquettes

Made of 1 lb. cold turkey, 1/2 lb. bread crumbs, 1/2 lb. butter, 1 teaspoon onion, 4 eggs, parsley, little nutmeg, salt, cayenne, sweet cream; bread wetted with cream, butter and eggs; stirred over the fire, chopped meat added; cooled; balled up; fried.

Croquettes De Macaroni

Macaroni and cheese in croquette form.