Is grains of Indian corn freed from the outer covering of bran, and therefore is white. There arc three or four different grades as to size, from the coarse hominy, as large as peas down to the white meal known as hominy grits or samp. It is very cheap food; usually only 2 or 3 cents per pound by the barrel. The large hominy is used as a vegetable, like rice; and after boiling quite tender it is fried and served for breakfast.

Fried Hominy

The form of fried hominy that is served with canvas-back ducks a la Maryland, is fine hominy well boiled, sliced in shapes when cold, rolled in flour or corn meal and fried.

Hominy Grits

Hot porridge for breakfast or supper, made of fine hominy soaked in water several hours; boiled or cooked in a double kettle for 2 or 3 hours, served with milk or cream.

Hominy Pudding

Made the same ways as rice puddings.

Hominy Fritters

(1) Coarse hominy well cooked, stirred into enough flour batter to hold it together, spoonfuls dropped into hot lard and fried brown. (2) Fine hominy porridge, with eggs, sugar, and little flour beaten in; spoonfuls dropped in hot lard and fried brown.

Hominy Croquettes

Fine hominy porridge mixed with grated cheese, eggs and little flour, rolled up when cold and stiff, egged, breaded, fried.

Hominy And Cheese

Cooked hominy of either kind made up with cheese, baked brown.

Lye Hominy Or Hulled Corn

Indian corn steeped in water containing lye or potash till it swells and the skin is partly dissolved, washed and either boiled with milk, or fried.