The Scroll

The Scroll 66

Fig. 1.

The Scroll 67

Fig. 3.

The Scroll 68

The Scroll is simple to fold. It is represented complete (fig. 3). The bread is under the centre, on which the name card may be laid-It does not require to be stiff. First fold the serviette four times lengthways. Fold down one end in the manner shown at A, in fig. 2. Then fold the end A completely across, forming the line, B B. Roll up the end A, and produce the fig. 3. Treat the other side in the same way. Fig. 3 illustrates the process. The space in the middle, A, fig. 1, is closed over the bread.

The Slippers

The Slippers 69

Fig. 1.

The Slippers 70

Fig. 2.

The Slippers are very easy to make. Double the serviette four times lengthways. Then fold like fig. 1. The ends are simply rolled, taking the corners ... the method shown in fig. 2; bringing them over as shown in fig. 3, and with another turn forming the Slippers (fig. 4). Secure the point at A, with the left hand, whilst rolling up the other side; and then hold both points together with the left hand and place the right in the top of the Slippers, setting them over the dinner roil, which should be placed underneath at B, fig. 4; and the Slippers pinched close together at the top over it. A few flowers in the hollows of the folds is a pretty addition.

The Slippers 71

Fig. 4.

The Slippers 72


The Cocked Hat, Or Boat

The Cocked Hat Or Boat 73

Fig. 6.

The Cocked Hat Or Boat 74

Fig. 1.

The Cocked Hat Or Boat 75

Fig. 2.

Fold a serviette in half lengthways (see fig. 1), then in half again (fig. 2). Fold it lengthways again, with the edges inside, in the way shown in fig. 3. Fold it in half lengthways at the dotted line with the edges outside. Turn down the corners in the manner explained by fig. 4, both sides alike; it now resembles fig. 5. Turn in the superfluous end C, shown in fig. 4, inside the hat: this makes it resemble fig. 6. Shape it with the hand and slip it over the dinner bread. If the edges are left outside in folding (fig. 3), when finished, a space will be offered at the top wherein a few flowers may be placed. A Boat may also be folded by this diagram by reversing its position on the plate. A still better way to make the Boat is to double a serviette in half lengthways, and again the reverse way. Fold the two edges to the centre: this makes an oblong. Turn it over on the other side. Turn two of the corners to meet in the centre; must not be opposite corners, but both at the right end. Turn the two left end corners half to the middle. Iron down. Then fold the whole in half lengthways, having the corners inside.

This completes the Boat. Put the bread underneath.

The Cocked Hat Or Boat 76

Fig. 3.

The Cocked Hat Or Boat 77The Cocked Hat Or Boat 78

Fig. 5.