Kind of pea used for soup; of a brown color, flattened shape. Lentils are said to contain twice the nourishment of flesh meat; the small Egyptians are the best.

Boiled Lentils

Soaked over night and boiled same as beans or peas, seasoned with bacon or butter.

Puree Of Lentils

Boiled or stewed lentils rubbed through a seive, seasoned, served as a vegetable.

Lentil Soup

Lentils boiled with stock, water, leeks, parsley, celery, salt pork, etc.; passed through seive, same as pea soup; croutons of bread.

Potage A La Chantilly

Puree of lentils soup with cream.

Levraut (Fr)

Hare. Lievre is the same.


Young hare." (See Hare).

Liaison (Fr)

Anything that is put into soup or sauce to thicken it, especially eggs, stirred in to make it creamy like a custard.

Licorice Or Liquorice

An American root used extensively for making the extract which is sold extensively in the form of stick liquorice, as a remedy for coughs.

Licorice Cough Lozenges

Specialty; made of dissolved stick licorice and gum arabic in water to make 2 qts. thick mucilage; 28 lbs. powdered sugar, 2 oz. ipecacuanha, 1 drachm acetate of morphia, 1 oz. oil of aniseed, 1 oz. powdered tartaric acid; enough of the licorice mucilage to make paste of it, rolled, stamped out.

Lievre (Fr)

Hare; same as levraut.

Lima Bean

The butter bean; thrives best in the long summers of the southern states; one of the most delicate of vegetables in the green state, and nearly as good after drying. It is boiled like green peas and seasoned and sauced the same ways.

Lima Beans Sautes In Butter

After boiling tender put in a pan with butter, parsley, salt, pepper, simmered a short time, served hot.

Lima Beans Soup

Puree of lima beans in seasoned broth with butter and sippets of fried bread.

Limande (Fr)

Dab; a small flat-fish.

Limburger Cheese

A very high-flavored and odorous cheese, now extensively manufactured in this country to meet a very large demand. It is a soft whitish cheese of about the consistency of new soap, and is in bars wrapped in tinfoil.


A fish that resembles cod, plentiful on the coast of Scotland. It is sometimes imported as a novelty, used in all the ways of cod to cook or dry, and oil is obtained from the livers the same as from cod livers.


Lion's flesh is almost identical with veal in color, taste and texture - so the hunters say.

Liptau Cheese

The famous goat's-milk cheese of Liptau, in Bohemia, similar to the Italian Moring cheese. It comes wrapped in tinfoil, packed in boxes.


Various flavored spirits, such as chartreuse, absinthe, vermouth, etc.


Name of a certain class of candies flavored with liqueurs; bonbons. The best have a liquid inside while the outside is crystallized.

Liqueur Candy With Eggs

Suitable for hotel dessert. It is ribbons of flavored egg-yolk cooked by running through a funnel into boiling syrup, then draining and rolling in granulated sugar. Takes 7 lbs. sugar boiled to "the blow" or below candy point, 12 yolks beaten up with kirsch-wasser run in like a rope from a funnel; is yellow and crystallized. Needs a name.