Moss; froth; something very light and spongy. The term is both to meat prepai -ations and to ice creams; there are mousses of foie ?ras, the softened paste having whipped cream mixed in it and then made cold, as well as biscuits places and mousses places. (See Ices).

Individual mould. For mousses, muscovites, jellies, etc.

Individual mould. For mousses, muscovites, jellies, etc.

Mousse Ice Cream

Made by putting 8 yolks in a pint of strong sugar syrup (34 degrees) and whipping them over the fire until nearly boiling, but must not quite boil; then set the kettle in ice and salt, and continue whipping until nearly frozen; then a pint of thick cream is whipped and mixed into the other, along with whatever flavoring is wanted. It is not frozen in a freezer, nor worked any more, but put in a mould and buried in freezing mixture till wanted. The mould to be lined with thin white paper.

Mousse De Homard

Lobster meat with seasonings of lemon juice, etc., pounded through a seive, stirred up with a little butter; when nearly cold, some whipped cream incorporated with the puree, filled into small moulds; served cold.

Mousse De Crevettes

Shrimps same way as lobster. (See Souffles, Pains).

Gelee Mousseuse A L'Eau De Vie

Brandy jelly, whipped to froth.

Mousse Aux Fraises

Whipped cream with strawberries, not frozen.