"The custom of employing pretty waiter girls in the restaurants in lower New York increases. They bring a certain class of patronage, but the patronage is not a very lucrative one to the proprietors of the restaurant. The men who frequent the respectable restaurants where waiter girls are employed are usually small clerks with small salaries, but high aspirations, who smoke cigarettes and spend all the way from fifteen to twenty cents at their luncheons. To them it is an experience of wild and lurid excitement to be waited upon by pretty girls. They feel that they have done a brash and manly thing and never return from the restaurants to their shops without telling their brother clerks of the ' mash' they have made at the restaurant. In the larger eating houses, where big dishes are served and where it requires activity, considerable endurance and deftness to wait upon customers, girls have been found unsuitable, but in the dairies they quite fill the bill".

Commercial Traveler (to waitress): " So, then, you are my waiter, are you? what is your name, is it Mary?"

Waitress: "Indeed not - my name is Pearl".

Commercial Traveler: " Oh, then I suppose you are the pearl of great price?"

Waitress: "No, I am the pearl that was cast before swine".