One of the choicest of American fruits; grows largest, choicest, and in greatest number of varieties. Delaware and California produce the most constant crops and control the canning business of the country. California canned peaches in syrup are the same as the compote peaches of French cookery and are ready for use when opened.

Peaches And Cream

The fruit is pared, cut in small pieces, mixed with sugar and cream in a bowl, served with cake. If peaches are handsome it is advisable to serve them whole, as they present an appetizing appearance. Wipe them thoroughly, arrange them neatly on a dish, and decorate with peach leaves. A border of the rose of Sharon (narcissus) presents a very pretty contrast.

Peach Shortcake

Chopped free-stone peaches mixed with sugar spread between and on top of a split cake of plain short paste, or on round sheets of puff-paste baked separately. Eaten warm with cream.

Broiled Peaches

Specialty. Halves of peaches stuck full of split almonds and peach kernels, dipped in powdered sugar, broiled in the double wire broiler, served hot, covered with scalded cream, orange-flavored, and croutons of sponge cakes fried in butter around in the dish.

Peachfs A La Windsor

Two halves of peeled peaches placed in natural form in a cup cut out of sponge cake, sugared over, glazed and cooked sufficiently in the oven; peach syrup with maraschino for sauce.

Peach Charlotte

See Apple Charlotte.

Peaches A La Conde

Halves of peaches on a bed of cooked rice, decorated with rice croquettes; marmalade, peach syrup and Madeira for sauce.

Peaches A La Richelieu

Halves of peaches served on round sponge cakes dipped in kirschwasser syrup, garnished with mixed fruits, citron, etc., in the syrup.

Suedoise Of Peaches

A peach pyramid made of half peaches on fried rounds of bread built up in the dish around a center piece. Syrup poured over.

Tarte De Peches

French open peach pie.

Flan Depeches

Open peach pie with custard on top of the fruit.

Beignets De Peches

Peach fritters, made same as apple fritters with halves of peaches.

Beignets De Peches Au Vin Du Rhin

Made with peaches steeped in Rhine wine, and wine syrup for sauce.

Pain De Peches

A mould of peach cheese or marmalade stiffened with gelatine. The center is hollow and filled with whipped cream. See Bo der Moulds.

Chartreuse De Peches

(1) Mould ornamentally lined with sliced peaches, and filled with peach marmalade. (2) Make a puree of canned peaches, blanch and slice six bitter almonds, sweeten the puree, mix in the almonds, and also one oz. of gelatine for each quart mouldful of the puree. Line the moulds with slices of fruits of all colors. The French dried and preserved bonbon fruits are best for this purpose. Dip each piece in nearly cold strong calfs-foot jelly, and let it be placed in position. Work out a pattern of mosaic design with the fruits. When set, fill with apricot mixture, and serve with Devonshire clotted cream around the base of the mould. Turn out as you would a jelly.

Rissoles Of Peaches

Spoonful of peach marmalade inclosed between the flats of puff paste, egged, breaded and fried.

Peach Tart A La Montreuil

Kind of pie of peaches with rice at bottom and top.

Peach Meringue

Ripe peaches cut small on a sheet of cake, covered with meringue, sugar sifted on top, baked light color.

Peach Dumplings

Same ways as apple dumplings.

Peach Cobbler

Popular Southern dish; a peach pie baked in a large, shallow pan, served with the natural peach syrup and cream.

Peach Ice

Puree of peaches in syrup and glucose, frozen.

Peach Ice Cream

Ripe peaches cut sr all, frozen in cream and sugar.

Peach Pies

Same ways as apple pies.

Peach Cider

Common in some districts; made like apple cider.

Peach Brandy

Like " Apple Jack," distilled from peaches; abundant and cheap in some sections. Dried Peaches, Peach Preserves, Marmalade, Peach Butter, Bkandied Peaches are other forms in which surplus peaches can be used, and Peach Vinegar and Peach Sweet Pickles are highly esteemed in the peach growing states.

Iced Peaches

"Another dessert dish is composed of peaches. These are cut open, the kernel is next removed, its place being tilled up with delicious peach-ice flavored with maraschino. The two halves are then cemented together with a thin layer of the same ice, the fruit passes an instant in the freezer, and is then served. Other stone-fruits are treated in the same way." For other ways to cook and use peaches see Apples, Apricots, Pears.

German Peach Kaltechle

In Germany a favorite and very pleasant bowl or "cup" is often made of peaches, sliced and soaked for a time in a little water with sugar, and three or four bottles of Rhine wine poured over them, according to the amount of fruit used.